Play Snakepitio Game If you like slitherio, you will love this new game. is the first and only io game that actually awards real prizes to players who win. And when you win, your gift card is INSTANTLY emailed directly to you and can be used immediately!

Fill in a screen name (keep it nice, please) Press or click the play button Move your mouse, your snake will follow Use your mouse wheel to zoom in and out Hold your mouse down for double speed Don't run into another snake (your game ends if you do) Consume orbs - your snake will grow Collect prize orbs (those are the stars) Each prize orb you consume will give you a visible badge If you are killed by running into another snake or the world boundary, the prize orbs you have consumed are returned to the world When you have consumed 50 prize orbs, your game ends and you are instantly awarded the gift card When someone wins, all remaining snakes will have 1/2 of the prize orbs in their possession returned to the world