All about the Dragon Ball Z Devolution Game

It is one of the world’s most popular games that was released for the first time in the 1980s. It has now become a cultural force and has a huge international audience. This awesome game allows its players to jump into the wonderful and adventurous universe of Dragon Ball Z.

About Dragon Ball Z Devolution Game

It is a Dragon Ball Z based game that was made by Txori. It has been made as a tribute to Akira Toriyama who has made the 42 volume series of Dragon Ball ZDevolutionGame from the year 1984 to the year 1995. This fighting game has about more than twenty characters. Out of these characters, some have special powers and abilities. This game can be played easily on any web page browser. You can also play this game with your friends as it also has a two-player mode. This game is split into several episodes and each episode represents a battle that you have to conquer.

What is the history of this game?

The creation of this fighting game started in about 1999 as a game that was specifically designed for the TI-89 calculator. Its graphics were inspired greatly by the RPG Dragon Ball Z: Goku Gekitōden but later on its development was stopped. The game was then transposed to Adobe Flash in the year 2004 where it was released with the name Dragon Ball Z: Tribute. At that time it was in black and white and has no music at all. The game also consisted of few characters. Later on, changes were made in the game and its development started again in the year 2010. Today, this amazing fighting game has a complete story mode with an unlock able content and also has a music soundtrack of about eight bites. Since 2010 the game is in a nonstop state of development. Several new features have also been added to this game from time to time. This game has successfully attracted the attention of the fans all over the world. This game has simple graphics but is very fast and enjoyable game.

What about themusic of this game?

The soundtrack of the Dragon Ball Z Devolution Game has been based on custom eight bites that were arranged by David Revel. Its soundtrack is taken from the original music of Shunsuke Kikuchi. You can also download its music from Txori website.

How to play this game?

In this game, you can travel through the entire story of Dragon Ball Z story line in a sequence. You will have to fight all the enemies and can win only if you succeed in defeating your greatest enemy Uub. This game is easy to play as you will only have to press the arrows for moving here and there. If you want to be protected against any enemy, then you can do this by pressing the “c” key. Press the “x” key if you want to attack your enemies or if you don’t have KI. For knocking down your enemy in a one blast double tap the direction key while pressing the “x” key at the same time. In this way, you will also be able to break the guard of your enemy.

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