Flip Master APK – How to install on your Android

If you have no idea about the APK files then you might face difficulty with installing it your Android device. And just to prevent you from facing any issue below I have added the complete guide to install Flip Master Game APK file on Android.

The installing process of APK file is same for all the APK files available in the market and it is also very easy. All you need to do is download the APK file, enable the unknown sources and install the file on your device. Below I have explained the process step by step.

Download the APK file

Make sure that you have downloaded the APK file from the link added above only, we don’t guarantee security if you have downloaded it from somewhere else.

Enable unknown sources

To enable unknown sources to go to the Settings of your phone and click on the Security options. Now from there find the Unknown sources option and enable it.

Install the APK file

Once you have completed the above two steps, now you are ready to install Flip Master APK file on your Android device. To do that go to the download folder or wherever you have stored the APK file of the application after downloading from above and click on the name of it. Once you click on the Flip Master app name it’ll give you two options, hit the Install option and it’ll initiate the installing process of Flip Master APK file on your Android device. Now all you need to do is wait. The process usually takes a few seconds but it depends on the file size and the device’s processor speed.

Once the installation process completes you’ll again get two options to choose between, Done and Open. Choose whichever suits you the most.

Now the Flip Master APK file has been installed on your Android phone and you can use it just like all other app or game right from the App menu.

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