Hollow Knight Review

Hollow knight Is beautiful combination of difficulty, horror and cuteness at the same time. Hands down to creators of this hand drawn metroidvania marvel, who were able to bring together more than 100 animated characters beautifully. All these characters are adorable plus horrific. The diverse areas of the gigantic map depict different art styles along with the use of parallax is most homogenous way. I must say this games stands out from other 2D games due to its much livelier and colorful levels, keeping the player immersed in the game. Hollow Knight may look a simple 2D action game but it slowly unfurls into one of great adventures.

The adventures take place in an ancient buried kingdom of insects. Hollow knight puts you in dark world, equipped only with a nail but sense of adventure. On your quest to explore the ruins you take control of a cute little insect, a masked knight. On your travels, you get to interact with a firefly shopkeeper, a moth and a rhino beetle blacksmith and many other characters. The game map allows you to explore the kingdom freely and allow you to tackle challenges in whatever manner you want. Most areas of the map are gradually accessible to you, with certain areas in them only being accessible after acquiring items and abilities elsewhere. Along the way you would have to kill enemies to get Geo currency, as well as discover secret areas, including challenging bosses. The more you put your time in the game playing, the more powerful your character gets. In these kind of games, the excitement develops gradually discovering the areas of maps and tackling their challenges and hollow knight gives you plenty of that.

Hollow Knight is outstanding in its own unique way. Hollow Knight offers a great amount of lavish content. Its main quest will last easily around 30 hours, without relying on artificially expanded areas or needlessly repetitive backtracking.  I’ve been playing it for almost 25 hours and I have been under its magic.  Its magic doesn’t start in its opening hours as the initial area dull and enemies are weak. Even the bosses are challenging but do not offer good rewards. The game becomes exciting after some hours as you keep on getting rewards and unlocking new abilities. But to understand the game these opening hours are essential as gameplay unrolls on these ideas overtime.  This game is all about improvement of a basic set of ideas, rather than bold experiments and unpredictable changes in course.

The small amount of details in every part put in by the creators makes the game exceptional. Its skillfully planned adventures fit so perfectly together over surprisingly long game that could have effortlessly lost its attraction to poor pacing. But its great enemy schedule along with surprising areas and difficult challenges guarantee your journey through this fallen bug kingdom unforgettable. Hollow Knight provides a cute yet harrowing adventure. Believe me every bit of it is just as divine as that last. Download 3DS ROMs For Hollow Knight Free.

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