How to Make Bricks in Minecraft

The brick can be one of the important elements for the miners in the Minecraft world. It is important for building and crafting other different items. This is especially created in a furnace rather than on a crafting table.

The only material required for this process is clay. You can obtain clay at the bottom of the river or lake especially in a crystallised shape.

Make Bricks in Minecraft

Make Bricks in Minecraft

Before you can start the process, you have to switch to the furnace menu. On the furnace you’ll see three boxes. The first (above) one is for raw material and the below is for fuel. You can see a fire figure in between both the boxes and the last box on right side is for the result.

Once you get to the furnace, you have to put your fuel in it. We use coal especially for crafting bricks. You can get it from deep fireplaces. Now, put the coal in the fuel section. On the upper box, you have to put the clay.

After you have put all the items carefully in its place, you will get your red fresh brick in the result box. You can put this brick in your inventory.

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