Latest Buffs and Nerfs in Overwatch 2021

In this article we going to breakdown the Overwatch brand new experimental patchnotes forfebruary 11th because these changes arequite massive. I’m going to be breaking down all thechanges and everything you need to knowabout these changes for yourranked games.


1.     ORISA

Orisa got a change only to her fortify but it can be pretty important and the change states this fortify prevents critical headshot damage when active. The description was this will make fortify more reliable at preventing large bursts of incoming damage and should help it feel more consistent as a defensive ability.

This is actually more important than you might think at first glance yes fortify can shield you from a lot of different damage sources but you could never use it as a supplement instead of natural cover or your shield because enemies could literally just beam you right in the head over and over again.

Protective field

  • Prevents critical damage from headshots during effect

2.     REAPER

Reaper got ahellfire shotgun change. His primary fireand it’s the spread was reduced fromeight to sixbut the damage per projectile wasreduced fromseven to six.The description saidthis reaper shotguns have high damagepotentialbut require close range or large targetsto fully utilize.

Which mean thatyou can be more accurate with thehellfire shotguns less of a spread meansmore tightly of a cluster which typicallyis going to be more damage from any midor even slightly further ranges and ofcourse you’regoing to be able to get more of those spreads in the head? If you are more accurate on reaper thanyour average reaper just aiming forthe bodybut the downside is you have a lotsmaller ceiling as far as doing giantamounts of burst damage to tanks.

Infernal shotguns
  • Spread reduced from 8 to 6
  • Reduced damage from each projectile from 7 to 5.5.

3.     WINSTON

Winston had this change base armor / health has beenredistributed from 100 to 400 to 150 to 35. They stated this change Winston will be slightly more resilientagainst shotgunsbeams and weapons with high rate of fire.

Now this is actually a really nice change for Winston because really thinkabout the types of fire that were giving Winston a lot of troublecharacters specifically like reaper were just making it a nightmare for Winston evencharacters like tracer and this is all going to help with that. This is overall just going to give Winstonlittle bit more survivabilityand it’s kind of interesting right now because they’re buffing Winston.

Will this patch affect Overwatch Boosting?

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