Learn How to Create a Sudoku 247

Sudoku 247 is one of the most interesting puzzles to solve with numbers which includes a lot of strategies involved in it.

Sudoku 247 can be created in many ways, with the help of the program where the sudoku would be generated automatically and randomly based on the algorithms that we define or it can also be created manually. Both the methods are explained below.


For manually creating a sudoku, first we would have to create an empty 3*3 grid. After that start filling the boxes with the solution in each of the grid in a random manner in each of the grid and the columns and the rows accordingly from 1–9 uniquely such that the numbers filled would be similar to the solving the sudoku.

Post filling the numbers in the grid, start removing the numbers one by one. To start removing the numbers, start removing the mirror pairs one by one. For example, if you are removing the number from the cell R1C1, then you must also remove the number from the cell which is R9C9. The difficulty of the sudoku would be dependent on the number of the mirror pairs that are removed.


There are lot of algorithms and the codes that are available in online. One can check out the various algorithms that are available online for the various sudoku creations. Download Sudoku Game From Ocean of Games.

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