Mobile Puzzle and RPG Games

If you didn’t know, the mobile gaming industry has taken the world by storm! With smartphones and tablets being extremely accessible today, almost everyone has one. Many people are starting to download and play mobile games. Whether you have down time at work or are waiting for an appointment in the lobby, you probably have tried some mobile games to keep you occupied. There are many kinds of mobile games out there today. We will only cover a few of the genres here.

Mobile RPG

The name says it all! Role-playing games have come a long way from their tabletop’s days. They came prevalent onto the pc and consoles and now they are in the smartphones and tablets. There are many RPGs now that allow players to dive into the world of space operations, epic fantasy lands, and mystical worlds. Some highly noted role-playing games are Final Fantasy Pocket Edition, Monster Hunter, Battle Chasers, Stardew Valley, and Reigns: Game Of Thrones. Final Fantasy and Monster Hunter are on console as well.

Mobile Puzzle Games

Many people like to relax and chillwhile playing a puzzle game on their phone. It is an ideal way to give your brain a little exercise while still having fun and unlocking achievements. The mobile gaming market is flooded with puzzle games that you could try out. Some big notable mentions are Merge Dragons, Monument Valley, The Room, Unblock Me, and Threes!

Mobile Action Games

Everybody loves action games, right? If not, it is totally fine. But there is a slew of action games on the market that even people who never had an interest in action games may like. Even big game developers are moving their console and pc titles to mobile! Some examples are Activision with their November 2019 release of Call Of Duty: Mobile and PUBG with their game PUBG Mobile. Other mentions are Fortnite Battle Royale, Injustice 2, and Into the Dead 2.


If you haven’t found yourself trying out mobile games already, why not? There are seriously so many games out there that it would be hard not to find one you like. These aren’t even all the genres of mobile games. There are also still many sub-genres we haven’t even talked about. Whatever types of games you like, go ahead and search in the app store. Surely you will find something you like!

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