Play Favorite Game on PC using Game Emulator

Remember the 90s; it was the time when all the gaming consoles were costly and unaffordable. Not everybody could afford to buy PlayStation to play their favorite games like Resident Evil and silent hill.  Though the era was not as acquainted with computerized technology as it is today, there were still a few game lovers who found an alternative to gaming consoles.

The use of personal computers was on the rise in the 1990s, and it was the time when a team of inspirational developers decided to develop a software that could emulate their favorite games that were only compatible with Nintendo and Atari 2600.

Game Emulators Progression

With time,  more developers worked to improve the design of game emulators to turn their personal computer into a complete entertainment system. Now if you have a game emulator installed on your computer, you can play your favorite game with ease without having to invest on a console. Buying a console could be so expensive, so if you are a gaming enthusiast, you will definitely love to have an emulator.

What is a Game Emulator?

A game emulator is a software or piece of hardware that can imitate a gaming console. In other words, it can turn itself into a console to play the game that you love on your computer. Whether you are fond of Nintendo 3DS Roms, GameCube, Sega, or Sony games, you can play them all right from the comfort of your living room couch, on your computer. Isn’t it impressive? It is indeed.


Although a game emulates is just a replica of a gaming console, making it possible to play the video game. Along with the emulator itself, you also need to have appropriate ROMS and ISO files so you can make the best of your gameplay.

The goal of the emulator is to let you play the game of your choice. However, you need to remember that it’s just a software, it may have limited versions of features to offer when it comes to real gameplay. For instance, you can save files, use game cheats and take screenshots. Almost all retro and homebrew games are playable through it, but you can also play the particular games that are personally designed by the game fans and developers.

Tons of modern technology companies like Roms or Request Roms are offering emulators these days, but the most top-notch emulators are launched by Hobbyist developers.  Looking at the popularity and demand of these game emulators, Nintendo itself has started to launch them as well, and they are usually compatible with their personal computing system like the NES classic.

How does it work?

In a gaming console, you have to add the DVD into the DVD slot, and the console processes the data. Whereas when you play a game on an emulator, you need to have the original game file and it is typically stored in the ROM of the console. If you supposedly wish to play your game like Resident Evil, which only works on Playstation. You need to have the game data in a downloaded format from PlayStation 3 Roms to run it on your emulator console.

You can play almost any disc-based game if you have its downloaded link. The link can be stored on the ROM file. There’s special hardware that takes data of the game from the ROM files and transfers it to the computer from a cartridge. And in the end, you have all the features of the game to enjoy!

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