Zombie Tag Evolution Game

All the gamer guys and girls get ready because the Zombie Tag Evolution is waiting for you. it is a very cool game which is GPS-enabled and multiplayer. It depicts the zombie apocalypse where you can have loads of fun while playing with other players. It is 3D mobile gaming app o you can simply play it on your phone without having to go to your laptop or your desktop. It is a world taken over by zombies and they are also carrying zombie bites, also, the coolest thing about this game is that it features geolocation for the first time in the gaming world.

It is all about an environment where the players feel that they are actually into the zombie world, dealing with zombies. The players will feel that they have to prevent themselves from the zombie bites to stay alive. The phones of the players will also give them alerts with which they will know that a race is waiting for them to start. The players will surely feel an amazing experience with the adrenaline rush and they will surely come back for more.

Unlike many popular games, this specific game has fast rounds so you are not occupied for your very long. Also, it makes waiting very easy and fun, you won’t have to dread the dentist’s appointment wait. You will be able to enjoy the time while you are waiting for something whether it is your next international flight, or a doctor’s appointment or a gap between your classes. Once you get the hang of it, you will come back to play a fast round filled with adrenaline rush. Zombie Tag is a GPS-enabled, multiplayer, chase game simulating the Zombie Apocalypse.

Now you have two options, whether you can play as humans or zombies. If you are zombie then you will have to spread while if you play as a human then you will have to prevent yourself from the attack of the zombies.

Another very good thing about this game is that it isn’t age specific, if you are an oldie game player of if you are a newbie, you will easily end up learning the game and playing it and loving it.

Zombie tag is great for zombie culture buffs, families, so they can have a fun time playing games together, outdoor enthusiasts who like to experience new places, gamers will of course love this game because it is so exciting, even parents can play this game. People who are fond of sci-fi movies or sci-fi related games will thoroughly enjoy this game. Lastly, thrill seekers will also be super entertained with this game.

Some of the key features of this game are:

  1. Geolocation technology: It is the first of its kind game which features the geolocation technology.
  2. Real time map: The real time map can be used by the players to figure out where the infection has spread and to also find the location of other players. This way, the players are aware of all the happenings in the game.
  3. Custom Avatar: The payers have the ability to choose their own custom avatar, they don’t have to follow the only avatar in the game which happens in most other games.
  4. Custom Skin: Not only avatar, the players are able to customize their skin as well, this depends upon their personal preference and liking.
  5. Custom clothing: Even in the game, you are allowed to dress the way you like.
  6. 30-45 seconds: Each of the chase is 30-45 seconds long where the player can play and gather scores. No more frustrating super long rounds and chases, and the best part is that the game becomes even more interesting and intense with the less time.

We are sure that all the game players will love this game because of its great yet amazing features that have not been featured in other games. If you and your fiends are looking for a game to enjoy then this one is definitely a good option for you because it is one of its kind. Become a zombie or a human and get ready to play short rounds with intensity and excitement.

We are sure that you will have a wonderful experience.

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